I’m sure that freak/abomination SouthpawPoet will have something to say about my linking to The Guardian but, nevertheless, along with some of the articles being genuinely good (most notably those by John Crace and Marina Hyde), a lot of the Below The Line (BTL) comments are frequently superb (more consistently so than those on The Independent ¹ ) … not altogether infrequently some of the best writing you’ll see anywhere … and well worth the time taken to read through ².

Many of them on the below Politcs Sketch had me crying with laughter …

Although, I usually prefer Marina Hyde’s specifically political (rather than her Lost In Showbiz) articles, I laughed hard at the one below (one of her best) but then I read the comments section and all but soiled myself — I’d create an account and join in the fun but Life’s too short (so many retards, so little time 😉 )

And, although I felt the article itself was one of her weakest, this one has some good (funny) BTL comments as well …

Not to mention the inestimable Stewart Lee — who, it would appear, has been plagiarising me.

And a serious one …

The article itself is a bit lightweight … so so, not unself-congratulatory (dare I even say onanistic?) … but there are some superb comments BTL ³.

¹ Albeit, the repeated posting of “Jo Swinson does not look like a horse!” … when no-one has even once previously suggested that she does … is beginning to grow on me 😀 😉

² Aura, on the other hand, can just ogle this story’s featured Sex Warrior pic.

³ Brandon Lewis aka Swiss Tony: “Answering a question is like making love to myself.”

Presumably you regard Ghengis Khan as a liberal?

Most soap operas deliver more insight.

Why not pile up books by authors you disapprove of and set fire to them in a big bonfire?

I was interested to read how Fiona got her break into the BBC by chatting to the editor of [P]anorama at a wedding and networking her way into a middle class profession. The last wedding reception I attended I was seated next to a [c]arer and a part time supermarket worker and a warehouse worker whose company I enjoyed immensely whilst their lives were pretty much broken. I did not ask them for a job.



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Where Angels Fear


There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.