Let’s say you’ve been a parent and housewife/homemaker/whatever the term du jour is and decide you want a job now.

When seeking help in writing your C.V./resume, you will (or should at least) be encouraged to look at your transferable skills.

For instance …

You have time management skills: getting your kids of various ages to and from school/college, sports events, music lessons etc., shopping, doing the laundry and so on.

You have people management skills: getting everyone to live harmoniously under one roof.

You have multitasking skills: listening to one child practice their violin and helping another with their homework whilst preparing dinner.

If you get a job, you will not only still do all that, but use those skills in the new work context as well.

Your skill set is multidimensional — it is the same regardless of environment or field of endeavour.

It doesn’t require you to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness or any other tree-hugging hippy crap.

It doesn’t require you to be in two places at once ¹ or any of the nonsense so beloved of quantum mechanics.

Yes, you will perform two roles, effectively being two people, so to speak, but there won’t be three different versions of you in three different universes — one in which you didn’t get the job, one in which you did and one in which you never had kids in the first place.

It’s just the nature of Reality that you and your skills are multidimensional.

And you/they are so without the need for any fairy tale magical thinking to explain it.

The nature of Reality is that, in a monoverse, it already is multidimensional.

No mystical vibes, alternate universes or families of quantum clones form any part of it — Schrödinger’s cat is neither dead nor alive but never existed in the first place.

Occam’s Razor applies in all things.

Simple realities lead to complex phenomena … simplistic reasoning to complicated nonsense.

Remember … if they can’t explain it simply, they don’t understand it in the first place, no matter how clever they think they are.

Beware the simplistic and complicated — Real Life is both mindbogglingly simple and hideously complex enough without the need for bolt-on explanations of Life, the Universe and Everything that are the product of the mediocre mind incapable of seeing Reality for what it is, requiring some mystical force and/or Never Never Land to make sense of it.

¹ Yes, yes, I know … but there aren’t actually two of you — which is your own point.



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Where Angels Fear


There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.