The mirrored image once shattered, our vision can never be repaired — there are no glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery that can unbreak it … and it is, perhaps, only then that we see with a perspicacity approaching something like clarity.

“Coincidence and fate figure largely in our lives”

Serendipitously apophenic, thus spoke a character in a T.V. show as I started to pen this.




Statistically speaking, it was a cast iron certainty — there comes a critical mass … a tipping point … a mathematically catastrophic event … beyond which these things must come to pass.

Statistics, however, are … like the average everyman-or-woman of popular refrain … an urban myth, fake news, falsehood.

So it was, at once, both impossible and inevitable — sooner or later, we would meet.

I should have expected it.

And … in a way … I did.

They come here … rifle through my stuff … make a mess of things …

How do they find me?


But … as (n)ever … I was off-guard … led astray by

… myself … by my own naif trust in my luck?

A luck I cannot say I have any reason to trust — trust is, after all, by nature unreasonable.

It’s my own fault … birds of a feather flock together and by the fruits that fall from our beaks shall ye know us; avatars, personae, personification, archetype … simultaneously fake and factual, fictional and factional … the fruits of our labours fancied far from the tree … adversely attracted, all too keenly kindred … kith and kin uncouth unkind … we project, one upon another … any other … our darkest dreams, our most fervent fears, the crack’d mirrors of our minds.

Ultimately unreally real, really unreal … f(r)iend and foe alike, I find their favour — whether I want it or not.

And the irony of it all?

That this … this … post is precisely what I’m talking about.

Alike and unalike all … together now: “I like what you see(m).”

Meanwhile … in a seedy, wind-swept, litter-strewn galaxy around the back of the Burger King

I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just shut down my account and get out more.

So-called ‘memes’, polls, questionnaires, friends-list dramas, the soap-opera antics — more and more, the online world resembles the rummage-sale of the mind at the village-fête of the soul.

Everywhere I look, I seem to see the same, interminable claptrap being regurgitated, warmed over and served up time after time … by mad, old ratbags who want you to “come and have some of this, Dearie — only fifty pence!”

And what is the upside of the whole experience?

Well …

once you’ve had a bit of a lie-down …

and got over the excitement of it all …

you could win “this lovely donkey in a sombrero” on the tombola.


Social Media/Networking has, with time, come, more and more, to reflect everything I hate about the World and the people in it: it’s narrow, meaningless, self-obsessed, self-indulgent, gossip/drama-laden, incestuous and dumbing me down ¹.

I had more fun in my life going out and seeing my friends in the flesh than I have ever had with them online.

That’s why I used to go out for three months at a stretch, stopping at home overnight at the end of that time just to check that the place was still standing and I hadn’t been burgled, before going out again for another three months.

I never had time to be online … I was already having to turn down two or three people a day who wanted me to come and visit, or go and do something with them, because I had already been promised to two other sets of people on that day for a month — you needed to actually book me … anywhere up to three months in advance … if you wanted to see me, I was so busy socialising!

If I wasn’t clubbing or partying, I was visiting — a ‘quiet night’ was either only seeing two sets of people between 17:00/5pm and 20:00/8pm and then going home rather than going out again to see yet more people … or else a three hundred mile round trip in a single evening, but only visiting one group of people that evening!

Granted, it has been a way to meet some very nice people I might otherwise never have encountered, but given the frequency of contact I have with most of those people, the reality is that, bar five or six people on my various contacts lists, I either have already met or will eventually meet, in Real Life, everyone on it that I am ever likely to have any kind of friendship with that merits the term in any appreciable manner.

Most of the people on my contacts lists were either already friends or people I was/am going to meet through those friends anyway, so what exactly has social networking really added to my life in that regard?

And, conversely, I’ve discovered that it has resulted in my allowing too many people into my life who, in the Real World, would be rightfully disinclined to approach me in any way — the kind of person I would dispassionately ridicule/push under a car/throw out of a window/slash with a broken bottle or glass, sooner than spend five minutes in their company.

It’s bad enough in Real Life as it is, without all this crap too!

In case it has escaped your attention, I am feeling somewhat disaffected with all of this — it’s got out of control and taken over what little remains of the pitiful excuse for an existence I, sometimes … in moments of unbridled optimism … refer to as my ‘life’.

So, in response to the poll below, I will take action.

When answering the question of whether or not I should shut down my account, you might like to consider the two options of:

  1. For the love of God, NO! It’s the most interesting, witty and insightful thing never published — the only reason I log on is to read it … your profile is my browser’s homepage!
  2. For the love of God, YES! I cannot bear your terminally dull ramblings any further — I have long since been traumatised by them and every time I see your icon, I have to spend twenty minutes with a metal trash-can on my head, banging it with a wooden spoon to stop the existential agony.

Answers in the replies, please — A simple ‘1’ or ‘2’ will suffice


I dunno … no doubt I’ll get over it in a few days or so, stop being a drama queen and normal service will be resumed.

But I’m just not feeling it today and really can’t be bothered.

¹ Since I’ve been on various online platforms, my spelling has worsened atrociously and I’ve even started making grammatical errors I’ve never made before in my life!²

² Your/You’re, its/it’s and suchlike.



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