Where Angels Fear
4 min readSep 22, 2017


In a disturbingly innocent, childlike, singsong voice …

“Take their stuff.
Steal their shit.
Rob them blind.
Leave them nothing.”

— Me, this evening, upon learning that their possessions were to be thrown back onto the quays, in order to make more room for the refugees themselves on the only transport out of the war-zone, and no-one would be allowed to bring anything with them.

… followed by some seriously raucous laughter and the accidental shooting of a refugee due to a momentary loss of control, bent double, crying my eyes out laughing.


I do feel kinda bad about the refugee … but only in the abstract sense of “I did a bad thing I’m not proud of.

There are refugees and refugees … and these refugees were of the oppressor class, fleeing a long overdue revolution, so it’s kinda hard to feel any real sympathy, even if I can feel empathy — kinda “it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving bunch” sorta thing.

And only really because it was accidental ¹.

At least it wasn’t a kid. I might not have laughed quite so hard if it had been a kid.

Actually, who am I kidding? If it had been a kid I’d’ve laughed all the harder … at the theatre of the absurd quality to it — Killing An Arab and all that, you know.

Hmmmm … I’m not sure I’m not disappointed now. Maybe I should’ve shot a few of the women and children as well as looting all the worldly possessions they’ d managed to drag along with them only to be told they’d have to leave them behind.

I wonder if there’s an element that could be added to games. whereby you get to not only learn the total human cost of your actions but, furthermore, indulge in more in depth role-play.

In this instance … for instance … it might be fun to see their faces as you drag their remaining worldly possessions onto the street … stomp around on, and break, them … twirl around with Mother’s best dress held up in front of you as you do so, dirtying and defiling it before throwing it in the muddy gutter … crushing her late mother’s porcelain-ware beneath your feet as you come for her, reaching out for the diamond necklace that her husband is in no position to prevent you taking.

Could be fun to see Father’s face as you leer, meaningfully, at the teenage daughter.

I dunno … the advent of V.R./A.R. games … new, immersive movie-cum-game experiences — it could all become much more sophisticated as A.I.s respond to unanticipated player actions.

So … anyway … yeah … I accidentally shot a refugee whilst looting their stuff and I feel a little bit bad about it — but not so much that I’m gonna lose any sleep over it.

I really don’t know … [shakes head] … I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: videogames really do bring out the best in me, don’t they? 😉

¹ If it had been a deliberate act on my part then I’d feel no remorse whatsoever.



Where Angels Fear

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