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2 min readMar 24, 2021


Passive Income — Aggressive Cellmate

I’ve been minded for quite some time (but just never got around to mentioning it) that, whilst I’m as far from a fan of his music as it would be possible to be, James Blunt is an impressively intelligent and cultured man (diplomatic too ¹ ).‎

He has a wonderfully dry, self-deprecating sense of humour

The National Lottery — #PleaseNotThem​ James Blunt (Extended Version) — Lotto

… and is the undisputed god of Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamesblunt

(His is the only Twitter account I’ve ever bothered to take a look at).

Be all that as it may, however, the real reason I mention it is because I am going to quote him in response to the ‘business opportunity’ offered by IPRoyal (and/or any others), whereby they pay residential users to share their Internet connection with random strangers:

“Hahahahahahahahahaha! No.”

Because what that ‘opportunity to earn a passive income’ from your Internet connection amounts to is:

“For between an estimated $5 and $30 a month, I will take the wrap for all your illegal activities when the police kick down my door at three in the morning.”

Seriously …unless you want to end up blocked by every site in the World after they detect ‘unusual’ activity from your address … or explain to the court that, although you can’t prove it, it really wasn’t you downloading kiddieporn from your address … DON’T DO IT!!!



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