Well, he won’t be getting away with a plea of insanity or diminished responsibility …

Women, your parents, people wearing red, cannibalistic paedophiles harvesting adrenochrome from mole-children under a pizza parlour … sure, you’re not right in the head and it’s off to the maximum-security wing of the hospital with you.

But there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t spent their entire working life fantasising about not simply murdering the HR department but cleansing it from the face of the Earth in a surprising number of shockingly inventive ways — that’s not insane … killing HR with fire and salting the ground is what 99.999% of the World fervently dreams of doing most days ¹.

He should’ve stuck with something traditional, like prostitutes.

Or brothel staff — he could’ve plead that he was rescuing their victims from a life of slavery and degradation (f you’re gonna kill HR ², you need to be sensible about it and pick your targets carefully).

¹ Even lost tribes of twelve individuals who have never had contact with another living soul dream of slaughtering HR departments — having no point of reference, they don’t understand their dreams and imagine them (quite rightly, as it happens) to be visions of a great war against Evil, but that’s not their fault; the desire to destroy the loathsome, psychopathic/sociopathic vermin is genetic … part of our species specific memory, in the same way mice and birds are genetically programmed to fear shapes that resemble birds of prey.

² And who could blame you?



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