‘Better to burn bright and quickly … who wants to live forever dull?’

“A star is a star, no matter how small and dull to the eye. As you draw closer to it, it becomes bigger and brighter. You’re thinking of a comet … a different thing altogether. Cold, lonely things, comets … I’d rather be a star than a comet. Stars are warm and happy…. they burn bright and long. That’s what I want to do … burn bright and happy and long and warm … not burn out cold quickly.”

‘So, we’ll be stars, not comets then.’

“Maybe … we have a future to play with and unknown peaks to climb … unknown oceans to traverse … before we discover what it contains … and who knows what other cards may be in play along the way? Life is like playing cards with a magician, diverting the eye where it will though we vow not to be distracted … and the trick comes with no safety net to catch us if we fall for it. Best to keep some cards up your sleeve, in case of an emergency … not play them all at once. That’s what the magician does. That’s what we have to do. The prize on the table, if you play your cards right, is our heart’s desire, but it’s not a simple game of odds that may be calculated. Every player uses their own deck … and cards may not always have their face value all of the time. If you’re building a house of cards, betting your future on the outcome is a risky endeavour. Better play them at the right time to build a firm fundament below the celestial heights. Focus, don’t think. Aims, goals and objectives. They’re different things. The detail is in the thinking and you’ll get recursively lost in it. Right now, don’t think, focus. You can tell what people want by what they do … and they get what they want because they do it. What is it you really want? To be a warm and happy star or a cold, lonely comet?”

‘I … I just want to be happy.’

“Then play your cards carefully, is my advice. What is their true value? I’ve got a few of my own and know a few sleights of hand like our friend from the circus. The table is in a carriage on a ghost train rollercoaster through the stars. The game lasts as long as we can make it and we have to win as many hands as we can before it ends. The dealer is a magician and we don’t know what future awaits at the end of the trick. Let’s trump with stars, not comets. It’s a lot more fun to play alongside others than alone against the House.”



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Where Angels Fear

Where Angels Fear

There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.