The first word? Pleasure I suppose. Entertainment can be anything you do to pass some time. While all pleasure is entertainment, not all entertainment is pleasure.

Hmmmm … I can’t imagine ever being entertained without it having been pleasurable.

The specific cause of the entertainment may not have been pleasurable in itself, I suppose … I’ll have to give that some further thought … but the fact of having been entertained is inherently pleasurable, I think.

Yes. I don’t think you can help yourself. I wasn’t planning to stop putting things on Medium and if you’re still around, it’s kinda inevitable.

Not necessarily.

You could limit your audience to less than all of Medium.

You could block me.

You could (politely or otherwise) request that I never comment again … preferably not even read — if at all possible, even stop breathing.

And, apart from that latter act, I would … you will probably not be surprised to learn … honour your request.

And it’s not actually the case that I can’t help myself — you’d be surprised how many things I start to respond to, think better of and walk away from ... or even how many I think about responding to and then, before I’ve even started, just think “No” and walk away from.

So long as I have no reason not to, I will comment on things but … if I do have reason not to … I’m perfectly capable of refraining from doing so — I don’t like to waste my time.

Oh. Oh dear. I thought we had a better understanding. You are the strange on the side. My main strange is on a different site.


Your main strange is on another site.


Honestly, I wrote it because it could have been the last bit I could have gotten in,

Hang on … this is getting complexly intertwined now — need to see what I wrote that you’re responding to first.

No … I’m none the wiser for it.

Your turn of phrase there is a little too syllogistic for me and I’m missing something.

Was there a reason why … or why you feared … you might not have been able to get more in?

And, no, I’m not going to make a remark about your turn of phrase there being Freudian —I’m sure you can see it yourself.

but I saw Medium only gave you a slap on the wrist.

For calling someone a pompous windbag?


Is this site run by American millennials?

I’m amazed I didn’t get my account closed down altogether.

I mean … I was mean to someone — called them a name.

And that’s not nice, is it? I might have made them cry.

Granted, I have been known to make a full-grown doberman pinscher piss itself simply by walking towards it with intent … so I hesitate to imagine what impact my opening my mouth and exchanging a few less than complimentary pleasantries with the moderators might have upon them … let alone anything more deserted-alley-after-dark than that — they’d probably have to tun, sobbing, to their shrink/counselor for an extra session or fifty, I should imagine … their poor, little snowflake crystals all brutally crunched underfoot into slush by the nasty man.

That’s the problem with poking distasteful people. They will tell on you. They will get others to tell on you, too.

I wasn’t even poking him.

I simply asked a question and provided links to some of my own thinking on the matter.

I was hoping for a productively sensible and civilised dialogue and exploration of ideas.

Nothing I said was in the least bit provocative, never mind aggressive.

And the twat replied with passive-aggressive condescension and outright rudeness — and was, furthermore a pompous windbag to boot!

He’s lucky I didn’t say anything nastier in my reply — like … oh, I don’t know … about, say, the World being a better place for his absence and why didn’t he make a start on it now? For instance.

Hey, talking of strange, I just discovered this. I think you’d appreciate the style.

Yes … that was strange.

Sort of like a ‘Tales From’ Samarost spinoff.

A bit dark but not scary either.

I may be inclined to watch more just to see what it’s all about.


There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.

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