Hmmm …

That seems a little simplistic.

After all, we don’t go to the supermarket anticipating finding anything new, we are just open to giving unexpected novelties consideration, should there be any.

Furthermore, the harried parent just trying to get the shopping done in the supermarket at the weekend may not be even remotely interested in anything new but simply getting through the process and out the other side with child(ren) in tow and their nerves not frazzled.

Equally, in the coffee shop, I may notice they have a new line and consider a drinking mochachino instead of a mocha for instance.

Moreover, whether I might decide to consider a different coffee to my usual might depend upon the time of day and/or day of the week — my mood and, therefore, mindset is different on the commute to work early in the morning than when ‘m spending ‘quality’ time with family/friends at the table on the veranda outside the cafe when I’m on holiday.

Again, context is, if not everything, a lot more significant that the conclusion here would imply.