Flame Wars

Everyone has at least seen, if not actively engaged in, one … and I have occasionally gone out of my way to provoke one ¹ just for the amusement it affords me ² — I’m a psychologist by nature and training ³, so it’s hardly surprising, is it?

But, if you want to see the best, you’ve gotta go find where the nerds/geeks hang out …

Not being best suited to physical violence, they go in for intellectual/existential assault … and the thing about that is that it can be much more vicious than physical assault on occasion — clinically cutting in fact.

One of the best … i.e. cleverest and funniest … retorts I have ever seen in one was at the end of a long diatribe, full of extremely personal aspersions, and went like this …

Eeeeeeeeew … really … that’s just unnecessary!

Of course, I’m gonna have to get it printed on a T-shirt — I even went and designed one, look 😉

© Me, 2017

¹ Mac vs PC, for instance — although I don’t actually bother with the whole ‘versus’ thing and just go straight for the jugular, so to speak ; )

² Yes, I know it’s called ‘trolling.’

³ I poke things with sticks …
… to see what they do when poked with sticks — it’s important to know!

⁴ It’s as bad as the day I had a visual flash on the indubitable origins of the expression “run like buggery” — I don’t say that any more.



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