Look … I was investigating something entirely unrelated to thumbs … let alone thumb-sucking by adults, never mind the fact that there is a website dedicated to the phenomenon … when my attention was drawn to the fact that there is a website dedicated to the practice of thumb-sucking by adults … okay.

So, I thought I’d share my discovery with you — misery loves company after all


You know … it’s just possible that it says something about a person when they casually say “Whilst investigating sex with dolphins, I came across this (no pun intended)” … followed by a link to something altogether different — as though investigating sex with dolphins were not, itself, noteworthily unusual activity.

As it happens, I had good reason to be investigating sex with dolphins ¹, but that’s not the point.

Before very much longer, I think, the Internet will be as strange a place as the real world — at least it will if the stuff I keep finding in my browser is anything to go by.

All I can say is that, of the two phenomena, a website dedicated to that of adult thumb sucking is the decidedly less wholesome of them. And if you ‘work’ with such individuals in any ‘professional’ capacity that might be considered ‘therapeutic’ without curing them of their distasteful peccadillo then you should be ashamed of yourself — just like fans of anime and manga.

¹ Whilst investigating something altogether different ², I stumbled upon the phenomenon of sex with dolphins and … well … you just have to find out what it’s all about — otherwise you could go mad, over the years, wondering.

² The nature of which I shall leave to your febrile imagination … you pervert — suffice to say it was considerably more wholesome than either sex with dolphins or thumb-sucking adults ³.

³ The availability of corpses for sale, if I recall correctly — I ended up a long way down the rabbit-hole, so I’m not entirely sure where I started out from.

Oh, yes, they should be … and, what’s more they know it themselves, the filthy degenerates — they’re scarcely duplicitous hypocrites … protesting artistic pretension to mask pedophile proclivity … fooling no-one …




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