Despair Dot Com

No, not the humourous website, but in the sense of saying “last minute dot com” to describe someone doing something at the very last moment available … not always, but often often resulting in poor performance and results: “Sorry your anniversary present is bedraggled bunch of gone-to-seed flowers left out for the weekend at the service station but I completely forgot about it and had to get something last minute dot com”.

Now, as we all know, even though you have the good sense to follow me, the chances of your not being a drooling Morlock are so vanishingly small as to be insulting and, morally speaking at least, the impossible has more right to happen than that.

There is the outside chance that you are in possession of at least a timeshare on a braincell and that this is the occasion during the year on which you are in possession of it for five minutes, but I’m not prepared to risk it, so I’ll explicitly draw your attention to where I made the remark that El Reg has not simply gone rapidly downhill in the last couple of years but dropped off the bottom of the graph.

it was here, look

Those of you with the good sense to pay attention to the pearls I (fruitlessly) cast before you will be aware that I have been having a certain amount of fun taking the piss out of Millennials because … well … I just love shooting fish in barrels. Quite why I love shooting fish in barrels I could ̶n̶’̶t̶ really say, but Aura would probably have a a bit of twinge, if I were to elaborate upon it, so I’m just going to leave it at that — some things are probably best left unsaid. However, I have just had cause to learn that Generation Z is now as much as twenty-six years old (or at least twenty-three anyway) and their entry into the workfarce anywhere from two to five years ago coincides rather specifically with when things started to go downhill as badly as they have. So, maybe it isn’t the Millennials after all but Generation Z that is the Worst. Generation. Ever. and they deserve to spend what little money they have on unnecessary FUD

Maybe … maybe not. Either way around, however, the below must surely rank as one of the most worrying examples of what I meant in Burning Chrome:


Where do I even begin?

It’s bad enough that someone would suggest that HTML is a programming language (that level of ignorance is truly scary), but, even more worryingly, not simply has no-one corrected them, they’ve even received an upvote!

They talk like a techie, so, I can only hope that ‘HTML’ is a typo and they meant to say something like ‘Javascript’ or something else vaguely sensible but they had an aneurysm and typed ‘HTML’ by mistake — it happens to even the very best of us sometimes (yes, E. Scott, you are correct, that means me ¹).

The upvote, though … wow, that’s scary — a typo is one thing … upvoting it reveals depths of ignorance that descend deeper than the Mariana Trench!

Where do people get their education these days?

Seriously, meine Ausbildung war kostenlos; seine aber umsonst.

I despair … really I do.

¹ Yes, me ².

² HA! 😉

There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.