Where Angels Fear
8 min readJun 29, 2021


So, the UK government (seeing that the ‘Delta’ variant of Covid-19 is not merely markedly more infectious and deadlier than other strains, but furthermore laughs in the face of current vaccines) has decided that … despite the scientific advisors observing that eliminating all restrictions in a couple of weeks will likely result in a very poor outcome in the Winter at the latest and quite possibly necessitate yet another nationwide lockdown … are going ahead with the ‘irreversible’ lifting of them — this despite the fact that, even though there were still strict restrictions on what restaurants/pubs/etc. were allowed to supply to whom (when, where and under what conditions), the last time they had a wheeze to jumpstart the Economy … by giving people free money to spend in eateries (the mantra being “Eat out to ̶s̶p̶r̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶a̶b̶o̶u̶t help out”) … the R rate increased, contributing to the need to impose restrictions for longer and thereby achieving the exact opposite of their alleged goal.

At the risk of repeating myself … which I’m gonna have to do, because none of you know what hyperlinks are and don’t follow them (I’ll come around and scroll the page for you as well, shall I?) … I think it appropriate at this juncture to observe that once upon a time, many, many, many (lots) of years ago, before they could read or write, people married their sisters and everybody lived happily ever after.

There wasn’t much call for skills such as reading or writing, because … technological advancement being what it wasn’t … people never travelled further than a mile from their village at the absolute furthest (that was where the local witch lived ¹), so there was no need to go any further than that when they wanted to sacrifice an old woman, rather than a nubile virgin ², in the hope God (or someone) would refrain from cursing the harvest that year.

So, people were, by and large, pretty ignorant of pretty much everything — as late as 1830, Georgian era doctors would ‘cure’ their patients by sprinkling corn on, or around, the afflicted part of the body in the belief that pigeons pecking at it would take the disease, or ailment, away with the corn.

As a result, back when the Black Death was popular, the importance of hygiene wasn’t recognised, streets were commonly filthy, there were parasites in the water and hopping about all over the place, germ covered foodstuffs for sale at every market stall, infections of all sorts rife … and there really wasn’t much people could think to do apart from pray to their gods, persecute minorities, burn women at the stake and lock their doors and/or city gates, to prevent infected outsiders bringing death into their village/town and home .

So, if the idea took you to escape the literally plague-ridden hole in which you lived, in the hope that doing so might prevent you from succumbing yourself, there was no guarantee that you wouldn’t be left to starve outside the gates of the next habitation you came across, if not be actively driven off by the inhabitants thereof — whilst lockdown was no solution to the problem of rats carrying Y Pestis infected fleas, it did at least prevent humans from making matters worse by bringing the disease in with them and infecting others.

Back when Leprosy was all the rage, people didn’t wait for the infected to leave town of their own accord, they were driven away … to live in colonies, where they wouldn’t infect the healthy.

Today, of course, we have Germ Theory, vaccinations, DNA, modern medicine, all kinds of advantages over our benighted forebears and are much better equipped, therefore, to deal with health crises when they arise.

Which is why, when the experts say that … despite all our modern knowhow … lockdowns and masks are vital to stop the spread of a global pandemic whilst we try to find some cure for it, it is essential that people heed their warnings and stay the f*ck indoors as much as is possible, not travel anywhere they don’t absolutely have to, and wear masks when they have no choice but to step outside and mix with others.

Infantile whining of “but muh free dumb” and “inalienable rights” cuts no ice: Covid-19 doesn’t care about your feelings and will run and run for as long as we don’t take the necessary action; the fact that you’re fed up with things as they are after a year of lockdown won’t stop it killing you ten years from now, if we don’t — the witch-burners who believe Bill Gates wants to inject them with microchips so the plague can be spread on the 5G winds and turn us all into slaves of the Zionist gubbermint are lepers and should be treated as such. And, no, sophistry about how people aren’t killed by Covid but with it doesn’t impress either: nobody dies of AIDS, let alone HIV … but without it, they wouldn’t have died of the common cold either — adolescent attempts, by the intellectually destitute, to nitpick over distinctions without a difference should be treated with the derision they merit.

Additionally, the fact that someone has a medical condition that precludes their wearing a mask for some reason is irrelevant … they are a high-risk vector for the infection of others and should, therefore, be treated as such: there should be emergency provision made for them to have necessary items delivered to their place of residence and they should be locked down until the pandemic is … if not over, at least under control and the danger has passed — now is not the time for bleeding hearts, only unsentimental recognition of the harsh reality that Covid doesn’t care about your feelings or your karma … it will kill anyone it can, irrespective of culpability or special pleading.

After a year of half-baked, inadequate attempts to please all of the people all of the time, resulting in ever worsening outcomes, it’s time for governments worldwide to do what we pay them for and get things under control. Those places where the outcomes have been best took action early and decisively: they locked the population down — no tiers, no easing of restrictions, no handwringing about the economic impact … they did what was necessary and they did it hard, fast and without compromise. The result was that their societies and economies have fared (often significantly) better than the rest.

So, it’s time we all did the same — as a doctor, you don’t hum and haw about the potential life-changing impact of amputating a gangrenous limb … you don’t sugarcoat it and suggest that there might be alternatives, you tell the patient that their options are losing the limb or losing their life and, unless the patent is utterly stupid (refusing the treatment), Cut. It. Off!

Lock us down.


Provide economic support to people and businesses: when the alternative is collapse then a period during which free money is pumped into Society in order to prevent it is an economically sound approach; if you don’t then, later, nobody is going to walk through the wasteland of boarded-up shops/stores and (out of) businesses and think “but it would’ve been worse, if they’d risked national debt/deficit by pouring cash into people’s pockets”, because it doesn’t matter, afterwards, what the reasons are why everyone is unemployed and there’s no economy left to worry about in the first place — when the boat is sinking, you don’t worry about the long-term impact upon manufacturers who build better boats, you bail it out and let their future worry about itself.

Work out what need be done in the Future to ensure that, if it can’t be eliminated, the risk remains at least manageable … and if that means some ideologically unpleasant measures need to be taken (like more government intervention in the business of the nation) then so be it — ‘socialism’ is preferable to a society of the walking dead.

And then … and only then … work out a staged transition to whatever the new normal will need to be to keep us all healthy and safe, leading prosperous lives in functioning societies with economies worth speaking of rather than in the socioeconomic wasteland of a 21st Century re-enactment of the 1930s dustbowl after we all go to Hell in a handbasket because sociopaths and loons thought their randroid fantasies were worth the loss of others’ lives in return for their being alright, Jack.

I’ve been in lockdown for over a year now. My health has suffered as a result. I’m fed up with it all and I want an end to it.

So … for the pandemic to be over sooner, rather than (as everyone’s half-arsed behaviour threatens now) later, and the risk of it all restarting reduced, if not outright eliminated …

  1. Stay home unless you have absolutely no choice but to go out — I’ve got family and friends I haven’t seen in over a year as well, but my (and their) feelings about that aren’t enough reason to warrant my risking their lives (or they mine).
  2. Wear a mask for as long as you are anywhere others are, or will be — I’m asthmatic and I do, so don’t bleat to me about how it’s unpleasant or difficult.
  3. Wear it properly, covering both your mouth and your nose … and pinch it closed above your nose — if you can’t, you’re not wearing it properly (fix that!)

Sort. It. Out!

Otherwise, I’m seriously going to have to look into persuading people to treat you all as lepers and drive you away to live in colonies of the infected whilst the rest of us take part in functioning societies — no, I’m not joking (you’re a threat to my health, if not life, and I care even less about your feelings than does Covid ).

¹ She was known to be a witch and cavorting with demons after someone overheard her talking to her cat and telling it to “drink [its] bloody milk.”

² And who wouldn’t? ³

³ I’ve never understood the obsession with virgin sacrifice myself — unless ‘black magicians’ were all women-hating homosexuals … which might go some way to explaining their obsession with sacrificing virgin girls, I suppose … I can’t think of any reason to throw away a perfectly good woman before you’ve taken her out for a test-ride first (what a waste!)

⁴ Basically, the same as they do today except the bleeding heart libtards hadn’t yet outlawed burning women at the stake (or whatever was actually done to them) for the sin of being women … and, unlike the lily-livered degenerates of today, they were smart enough to have walls around their towns and cities.

⁵ It’s still okay to at least treat them as second-class citizens and/or oppress/persecute them though, so long as you don’t leave any detectable injuries … so it’s not all bad — some sanity prevails.

⁶ What do we have governments for, if not to facilitate our lives as tax-paying citizens in those areas where being left to our own devices is insufficient to ensure the smooth running of Society?

⁷ ‘Right-of-Centre Socially Democratic Capitalism’ as it is known in the First World (i.e. not the US). No, it isn’t a paradise, but no government is ever going to do away with taxation (nor should it), so we vote for those that will spend at least some of it on things that benefit us rather than put it in their own (and their cronies’) pockets — only a fool believes a millionaire who tells them that the way to become more prosperous is to give all their money to millionaires instead of spending it on communally beneficial things.

⁸ Covid doesn’t care whether it infects you or not … but I’ll rabble-rouse a mob to hunt you down!



Where Angels Fear

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