This is just so wrong on so many (at least 27) levels. If you want to understand what a Public School ¹ education does to people ², it’s the perfect example.

It truly is vile to behold … but only to be expected from the likes of them, I’m afraid

…they are disgustingly twisted, stunted things and if ever I were to agree that euthanasia were a valid approach to matters then they’d be one of the first groups for which I would advocate mercy killings — it would be doing them a kindness … really.

¹ That’s a private school education to you heathens in Zone 3.

² It produces developmentally arrested bed-wetters who worship absent mommy figures along with a disturbing desire to be punished by them … (and if they can writhe in soiled nappies whilst being disciplined by a ‘mommy whore’, so much the better) … because … along with their childhood trauma induced guilt ³ … in her absence, they were punished by their educational establishment and its denizens too and it all got mixed up in their heads, leading to a wretchedly confused and psychoemtionally stunted individuals who, in later life, can only be termed ‘adults’ as a technicality — the childish term ‘grownups’ (resulting from a child’s incapacity to understand anything about adulthood than that it entails being physically bigger than a child) being, for once, apposite.


⁴ They never get over the sense that they were sent away by mommy as a punishment, even though they weren’t … it was because she was a psychopath who couldn’t wait to be rid of her wretched offspring (for whom she felt no maternal urges ), who still contrived to cramp her style, even though she only saw them on her birthday and at Christmas because, the rest of the time, they were cared for by ‘Nanny’ — she didn’t punish them … she didn’t care enough about them to punish them … she just didn’t want them around (they were an irritating nuisance, no more, no less)

⁵ They were just a necessary prop if she wished to move freely within the echelons of Society to which she aspired.

There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die.