As ever, it pays to be specific when dealing with the Devil.

The only one worth making is for every wish you ever make to come true unless it would render you incapable of undoing its effects with another wish afterwards … and then to wish yourself free of the contractual obligation to give up your soul in return for the power in the first place — that one pretty much covers all eventualities as far as I’ve been able to work out over the course of several decades of refinement of its form.

He should’ve been more careful what he wished for.

Albeit I‘d much prefer her to have stuck with the ‘techno’ ¹ vibe myself, I do like Lucy’s style and I’ve no doubt she’s a bit of a stunner too …

You haven’t got her number, have you?

I’m putting on an event and I’m sure we could come to some agreement to our mutual benefit, as it were: I get my wishes and to keep my soul … she gets to tempt others attending the party into parting with their souls.

Afterwards I wish for her to be my eternal ‘bride’.

It’s a win/win scenario ².

¹ Although I’m not entirely sure you and I mean the same thing by that word — twenty years ago ‘techno’ would’ve been the right thing but, these days, I wouldn’t want techno on the main floor but in the chillout room.

² I win … and then I win some more — she doesn’t do too badly out of it either.

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